About Us

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The Mobile Plumbing Shop was started in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1941 by William J. McGurran as a plumbing and hot water repair company. During World War II the business was idled for a time. After reopening in Cavalier, North Dakota for a couple of years, The Mobile Plumbing Shop returned to Grand Forks in 1949, while continuing to serve the Cavalier area.With the post-war boom, he began to work on larger and more diverse projects while always maintaining a foothold in service and repair.

Around 1976, one of Bill’s sons, Dennis (Denny) McGurran became a partner in the business. At this time, The Mobile Plumbing Shop became Economy Plumbing, Inc. and moved to the location where it is to this day, 1120 Dyke Ave. in Grand Forks. Denny and his wife, Gerri, shepherded the business for over twenty years, growing and expanding the business into a Grand Forks mainstay business.

Upon Denny and Gerri’s retirement, their nephews, Thomas and Richard purchased the business. Thomas and Richard continued the family tradition of providing prompt, dependable service to their customers.

In 2021, Thomas retired, leaving the stewardship of Economy Plumbing, Inc. to his brother Richard. Ever grateful for the guidance and knowledge provided by those who came before, Richard continues with the work of quality, value and dependability begun so many years ago.


Richard D. McGurran, Master Plumber
Richard McGurran has been with Economy Plumbing since 1993. In the year 2000 he became an owner of Economy Plumbing which was started by his grandfather, William J. McGurran. Having worked in all areas of the business over the years, Richard now works mainly with new construction and residential remodeling. He enjoys the satisfaction of being able to work collaboratively with other building and construction professionals to bring customers’ visions into existence.

Mike Vonasek, Service Manager
Mike Vonasek has been with Economy Plumbing since September 2003. Mike began at Economy Plumbing as a plumbers' helper for his uncle and now after having worked in every area of the business over the years, Mike is now the service manager. He directs and organizes the delivery of service work to over 2,000 customers each year. He also supervises most residential remodeling projects at Economy. He enjoys the satisfaction of being able to work directly with people to solve their plumbing issues and being able to apply his problem-solving skills to a variety of situations.

Bill Heigaard-McGurran, Journeyman Plumber/New Construction
Bill Heigaard-McGurran could be said to have been at Economy Plumbing his entire life. Bill received his first paycheck from Economy Plumbing when he was 14 years old. Having worked with his dad and uncles in all areas of the business over the years, Bill is able to apply this experience and his attention to detail to any project.